Persuasive Services

Persuasive Services


Only fairly recently environmental questions have evolved from being of minority interest to widely accepted mainstream view in the developed world. Concepts such as sustainability, climate change, carbon dioxide, biofuel, renewable energy, hybrid cars, ecological food etc. have become part of the media debate and are in everyday use.
At the same time information and media technology is becoming more accessible and ubiquitous. There is more information linked to the real world, more objects that can behave intelligently, and more ways in which the information infrastructures and the people can interact. We can use these technologies to increase efficiency of human activities and to change the way we live, which may result in reduction of harmful effects of our lifestyles on environment.

Persuasive Services project works on concrete solutions for using ICT to promote more sustainable everyday decisions to combat the effects of climate change. The project combines three different competence areas and research method traditions of our centre:

(1) creation, collection and modelling of sustainability-related knowledge and data

(2) understanding of socio-cultural dimension of human behavior and its relation to sustainable development

(3) prototyping and evaluation of new services, especially on mobile devices.

Three important areas that provide opportunities for novel ICT-based services have been identified in our project:

Encouraging low-carbon transportation options using ICT applications by making them simpler to use, and helping the users to see the advantages of
these alternatives.

Increasing energy effectiveness in households using multimedia monitoring of energy use.

Mobile services for providing sustainability related information regarding everyday consumption decisions on food.



  • Marko Turpeinen Project Leader
  • Jorge Zapico Phd Student
  • Hannes Ebner PhD Student
  • Clara Borggren Research assistant


  • Nils Brandt
  • Greger Henriksson
  • Minna Räsänen
  • Åsa Moberg
  • Ambjörn Naeve
  • Örjan Svane
  • Alex Jonsson


  • David Kjelkerud


  • OurCO2 Web service that aggregates carbon emission information from different sources and help to reduce them.
  • SMS service that helps choosing the right fish when at the store or the restaurant
  • Gröna Recept Recipe book to help choosing climate smart meals.
  • PEIR Stockholm Implementing the gps based application in Stockholm.
  • Translating carbon emissions in numbers easier to understand and enabling comparisons.
  • Greenalytics Coming soon
  • Open Environmental Data Coming soon
  • Persuasive Seminar International Seminar on Persuasive Services for Sustainability (February 2009)