energy saving house tips

You hear it all around you. Sustainability, global warming, sea level rising. We should think more about our environment and live more environmental friendly, instead of polluting and destroying our environment. It all sounds very unreal, and difficult. What can you do?

Well, it is actually quite simple. The best things you can do to live more environmental friendly are the following:

  1. Fly less or not at all. Rather take public transport of go on vacation nearby your home.
  2. Eat less meat. The production of meat is very environmental polluting, although our body doesn’t need so much meat at all.
  3. Use less plastic. Plastics are very damaging for the environment and generally don’t get processed by nature.
  4. Make your house and life more energy efficient. You can change small things that have a big effect.

In this blog I will explain how you can make you house more environmental friendly. Don’t worry. Changes are very easy, but can have a big effect. The most enjoyable effect will be a lower energy bill each month. Curious? Don’t hesitate to read further.

Energy efficient homes

I can tell you about countless ways to make you house more energy efficient. You can easily make some changes yourself. Some interventions, however, do require an investment, handyman or even a contractor. Perhaps you don’t have a large bag of money laying around. Therefor I will first discuss measures you can make, followed by ways you can pay for it.

Why making your home more energy friendly?

But first a general question? Why? Why do the effort to make you house more energy friendly?

The most important reason could be money. By isolating your house and be less dependent on energy from your energy supplier, you save tens or hundreds of euros per month. No doubt.

A second reason is quite straightforward. To improve the environment and make this world a nice place to live for future generations, you should start with you own life and lifestyle. What can you do to improve the environment around you? Big steps can be made when starting with your own lifestyle and home.

I will get back on this at the end of this blog.

An energy-friendly house: interventions

You can start with small things. For example:simple measures to save energy at home

  • Turning of the light when you leave a room.
  • Using a water saving shower head.
  • Don’t live devices on standby.
  • Only turn the heat on when necessary and when you’re at home.

In addition to saving energy, there are other ways to make your home more energy-friendly.

  1. Install solar panels

Every year more people install solar panels on the roofs of their houses. They can deliver half the energy demand of a household, and sometimes even more. They are quite expensive. This investment will have an attractive return in only a few years. Inform about possible subsidies and tax deductions.

  1. Use LED lights

LED lights use way less energy than normal light bulbs. A LED light last about ten times longer than ordinary halogen lights and other light bulbs. This is a very and easy investment to make. It will save you money and saves the environment.

  1. Improve the isolation

Heating up the house takes up a large part of the energy consumption in the house. We all want to live in a comfortably warmed house though. Your level of comfort can be improved easily. By improving the isolation of your house, the heat stays in the room instead of flowing away. This ensures a more comfortable feeling and a lower energy bill.

If you isolate your house well, you can turn down the thermostat a bit to save even more money. You might be able to apply for subsidies to isolate your home.

How to pay for energy-efficient living?

Money is always an issue. I understand that. However, changes to make your house more environmental friendly are pure financial investment. Within a few years you will earn back your investment by a structural lower energy bill. Therefor, energy-efficient improvements can be a financial attractive investment.

You still need to get the money though. How?

  1. Borrow moneyborrowing money for home renovation and isolation

You can ask the back for a loan. This implies interest. The bank might be interested, as it is an investment that will pay itself back easily and increases the value of your home.

You could also ask friends or family to borrow money from. Do make could, written and signed agreements to prevent any issues.

  1. Through savings

Saving money each month is always a good idea. To invest this money in your home is a great investment, as they will result in saving energy costs. This allows you to make your money back.

  1. Apply for subsidies

To reduce costs, there might be several subsidies you could apply to. Municipalities, regions and cities give out subsidies and tax deductions when you invest in energy-saving solutions. Inquire with your local government about possibilities.

What does energy-efficient living give you?

What are the benefits of investing in energy-saving solutions?

  1. Energy-efficient living will save you money on the long term.

For example: isolation, solar panels and gas-free living are big investment that will help you save big on the long run.

  1. It contributes to a better environment.

By living energy efficiently, you’ll use less energy to live. Perhaps you’ll even choose to generate green energy yourself. Mother nature will thank you big time.

  1. Energy saving solution could increase the value of your house.

Measures to make your house more energy-efficient will additionally increase the value of your house. This makes the investment even more profitable. You house will become more attractive for (future) buyers. Also: an energy-efficient house is a must these days for new buyers.

  1. Energy-efficient measures make you house more comfortable.

An energy-efficient house is automatically a house that feels healthier, warmer and more comfortable. Saving on energy in your house does not mean your have to save on your level of comfort of luxury. Not at all. It will improve the level of comfort and luxury in your house.